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Unique fashions (and other delectable goodies!) cheaper than Paris Hilton (we think...)! Bunny's Bazaar is a group of people suffering from I-Love-This-Item-But-I-Don't-Love-It-On-Me-But-I-Buy-It-Anyway-And-Never-Wear-It Syndrome. Yes, except this syndrome is a fun syndrome you can take full advantage of! We love our stuffs, and find it difficult to part with them, but are willing to pass them on to a loving home, a home that will fully appreciate our items and make them feel loved. The items come from a diversity of people and styles, so you never know what you may find!


These rules are subject to change so please check back frequently!


☼If you are going to buy or sell, please take all personal information to PM or email - do NOT post addresses or anything in comments to the posts, etc.


☼Please place all images of items for sale behind an lj-cut.

☼As items are sold, please edit your post(s) to include "SOLD" next to the item.

☼If all items for one of your posts have been sold, please edit your entry to include CLOSED in the subject line.

☼Posting items for sale that are not related to fashion (hand-made crafts, random items, annoying siblings, etc.) ARE acceptable. If you do wish to post these items, please include them in a post WITH fashions or accessories.

☼Whether your post to sell is first-come-first-serve or auction based is entirely up to you. Please specify on each post you make as to the selling style.
*****Suggestions for an auction-based post (thanks to oh__tsarevich ):
Usually the seller sets an end time for the bidding - bids placed on items after the end time are ignored. So if your bid is the highest when the bidding ends, you win the item. To make it all easier, if you want to bid on something that someone else has already bid on, you comment to their comment with your bid. That way, there will be a comment thread for each item, making it easier to see who has the highest bid and who is bidding up against who.

☼Please specify whether you are willing to ship internationally or not.


☼If you are requesting purchase for an item, please be sure to comment in the post BEFORE e-mailing the buyer.

☼Please note that the moderator(s) cannot be held liable for any problems between you and the seller (unless the moderator is the seller ^^;) you are buying from. If there are problems that cannot be solved by you or the seller, please report them to email in[.]the[.]musicals[@]gmail[.]com .

Questions? Suggestions? Problems? Comments? Feel free to e-mail the mod at in[.]the[.]musicals[@]gmail[.]com !

Much love to panda_nuggets for the adorable premade layout used for this community!